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The sky was an overcast and gloomy grey, she scowled at it in disgust and headed out of bed to the bathroom, the chill of the house tingling her naked skin. Her pyjamas were slung over the bath, she never used them to sleep in unless she slept alone, she pulled them on quickly and saw to her bathroom needs quickly as her desire for a morning cup of tea grew stronger.

A small shaddow appeared at the door.

“Mummy, can I play on the Wii?”

“Sure, why not.”

They held hands as the descended the stairs, the tiny warmth of her daughters hand  felt so lovely, she felt the tug of trust as the youngster used her to balance. The lounge was cool too so once the game was on she tucked her child in a fleecy blanket and headed for the kitchen. A cry of “I can’t read this!” bought her back to the lounge with her tea for an hour of game play, encouraging word sounding and problem solving.

After two cups of tea the milk ran out and she had to face the fact that shopping needed to be done. Husband still slumbering after a really long day yesterday she coaxed the children into clothing and set off for the local shop.

Several “Put that down”‘s “Don’t touch that”‘s “Stop running around”‘s and a few exasperated “Will you please behave!”‘s later they arrived home, she was stressed and the children were still wired.

Fortunately help arrived in the guise of Daddy.  Hustling them out the door he whipped them off for another shopping trip… Cat food had been forgotten and although the cats were in her bad books for defecting in the cupboard under the stairs, you can’t not feed the blighters, can you?

Strong coffee was made. Silence was enjoyed.

She breathed slowly enjoying the sudden oasis of calm…

Then life continued a pace with their return.  She couldn’t not love her children, she admired and loved her husband but life cloyed and crowded her mind and crushed at her soul until she was unable to breath.

But without the rain, there are no rainbows….