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Building Christmas tradition had been on her mind for a few months, was it enough to have a whole months of excitement build up be over over in one short day? Of course not, not when it could be planned and plotted over the month of December and enjoyment eeked out in their little faces at every step.

Today was the start of Advent, the waiting time for the arrival of Christmas, traditionally candles are lit and allowed to burn just so much each day. Candles in the home of a 3 and 5 year old were in her opinion, asking for trouble; so Commercialised chocolate calendars had been bought and good behaviour promised in order to get at the chocolate before teatime.  It just wasn’t enough.

A few years ago when her daughter had been born, her sister had made one of those crafty material wall hangings with pockets decorated with a tree and cat pictures that you fill yourself, she thought a trip to the shop might be necessary for a few supplies and then the children could fill the pockets, 2 things in each one ready to add to the advent fun. After school with the proviso of the normal bread and milk collection they chose some fun chrismassy chocolates, and the children’s excitement mounted.

A pile of chocolate goodies lay on the floor, their bright foil wrappers shining delightfully, with two expectant faces studying for the numbers on the pockets. Fourteen big golden teddy chocolates for the weekends and the rest of the pockets filled up as they counted down from 24. The riot act read about mischievous chocolate nickers, their little faces shone full of wonderment.

It’s started…

The magic is here…

Bring it on!!!