Her nose still pressed up against the brick wall, she felt the chill invade her body. Every word was an effort, every sentence screamed at her. She looked at the clock, ten minutes, just ten minutes to feel her fingers tap at the keys her mind unravel with the sheer effort of pushing herself away from this cold dark place.

Her name was called from somewhere beyond the wall, she couldn’t leave now, 2 minutes had passed, 2 minutes when all she could think about was breaking the block, finding the words exploring her psyche, tapping the keys.

“It will have to wait… I need to do this.” She tried to concentrate, focused on the picture of bricks she had made in her head.  Her own image in her mind looked at her hand, it was gripping a chisel. A sledge hammer would have been better but obviously her subconscious knew this battle needed to be won most throughly.

Chip at the wall, slice out the mortar, let the thoughts flow, win this, an ounce of brick dust at a time…  5 Minutes… Her brow furrowed and her lips pursed in determination, chisel a little more…

“I’m waiting.” the little voice by the bed said “I’m being patient aren’t I” he added fidgeting.

“you are being rather noisy”

She gave up… 8 minutes, 8 minutes of drivel she thought, “well, that’s the most I’ve written since November. It’s a start.”