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A lot of days were like this, thankfully not all but a lot all the same. She found some moments pricked her sadness more then others. She well knew it had to be this way but it didn’t help. He couldn’t be with her, she shook her head, get on with it, deal with it, work on it, was the small time they could snatch together not good enough? Perhaps it was too good. Perhaps the way his words wound  around her heart and soothed her mind whilst igniting her passion were too good to be without? But without she was.

He knew her, she didn’t know how and wasn’t able to explain it but on some level within the layers of her mind she felt she had found a soul mate, yet they had so little in common. They wound about each other like the ribbons on a maypole, some yellow, some red, some green and blue, different strands of thought, experiences and interests coming together in complimentary bind of colour that seemed to sit well, to blend…

It felt right.

No matter how many times she told herself it should not feel right, she should not see, nor even communicate with him, stopping doing so was wrong, alien.

She longed for him and she considered he did also for her, she felt his absence acutely today, needing to feel his arms around her, kissing her, soothing her mind.

But it wasn’t to be, not today.

But soon, she hoped.