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“It’s upside down”
“It’s not”
“Yes it is, see these grooves?”
“Yeah, so?”
“They slot in there…”
“But what about this bit?”
“I don’t know! Didn’t it come with instructions?”
“No! Not that I’ve seen, I mean, I didn’t find any, but then Charlie had the bits all over the floor when we got home.”
“You Are Kidding!”
“No I’m Not, I don’t even know if I found all the pieces!”
“I don’t believe it! That’s insane, why did you let him?
Well, come on, lets try this. Men are supposed to be good at this stuff, right?”
“Yeah…. right.”

I rarely write just dialogue, I think I’m stronger at describing thoughts and feelings, conjuring an atmosphere, so today I thought why not challenge yourself to practice dialogue within the challenge? And so I did.

Please click the picture to find all the other participants of the #100WCGU at Julia’s place.