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As my mind wakes to consciousness I hear a thud somewhere in a different room, followed by further bangs and crashes reminiscent of a baby elephant making it’s way through the jungle. I stifle a smile at this analogy as a door creaks open. The bathroom light clicks on and the door closes noisily, more distant bashes and clumsy fumbling then the light is off. I wait, breath held, waiting for my daughter to decide my fate.

The blanket box at the end on my bed is crashed into and my bed shudders, it seems I’m being found. My quilt is pushed back and her small body cuddles against me, I hug her, my miracle, my angel.  She whispers

“Mummy, I’m awake, can I stay with you?”

I whisper back.

“Of course my love, you sleep well?”

“I can’t remember what I dreamed.” she said, disappointed.

“That’s okay.” I kiss her beautiful blond curls “Shall we snooze here for a while and see if more dreams come?” She snuggles some more, pulling the quilt tight around her.

“Yes, let’s cocoon and dream.” she mumbles sleepily and we both drift off together happily… Well, she does, I do for a while. She fidgets so!