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The darkness fell and etched into her thoughts, it invaded her mind so the reasons and logic she applied to the facade of her life crumbled. Laid bare, all senses disabled by the black of night she felt the wretched tear in her soul widen, it ached with such urgent insistence that she knew, for her own sake something had to change.

Rebecca Morley was 46, life had treated her well. She had ticked all the boxes of her desires along the way as her life was lived. University had been a bright and colourful experience. Robert Morley had been the dashing head of the student union. A common love of literature had bound them in thrilling debate, theatrical endeavour, late nights drinking, culminating in the perhaps inevitable early mornings. From there it just seemed natural to stay together. Mutual respect, friendship and generally enjoying his company seemed enough of a bond to build a life on. A career followed graduation, a mortgage, two bright and healthy children whom she adored, always busy… She had thought ‘now, I should feel complete’. Then one fateful day she woke up, not realising her smooth existence was about to change.

That was the day Rebecca Morley fell in love.

She didn’t think he noticed her at first, his conversations with others were intense and humour filled. Eventually though he did notice, she felt warmed by the light of his attention. Feelings stirred within her that she had never really experienced, a need dragged at her psyche that refused to be ignored. A moth to the flame, she fell helplessly, uselessly in love.