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Balance was important, all things in life needed balance. If you eat well, you should exercise. If you need friends you should be there for them too. If you are going to have an extramarital affair, fall for a married man with as much to lose as you do. Rebecca snarled at her mind, she didn’t like the way it was currently working.

Morning brought with it the stark realities of life.

“Amy! Wake up darling, it’s time for school.” she shook Amy gently, a muffled noise of a disgruntled teen emitted from the duvet. It was enough though, once stirred, Amy would wake and get herself up. Thomas was another matter. Rebecca gingerly pushed at Thomas’s bedroom door, several items banged on the bottom of the wood as she widened the gap. The musty aroma of teenage boy filled her nostrils and she grimaced in spite of herself. It was obviously time to ‘muck out’ her son again. “Tom, it’s time to get up love.” Some where in the darkness someone grunted. Rebecca now had 20 minutes to enjoy a shower before stage 2 of the ‘get Tom out of bed’ morning routine continued. Passing a mass of pyjamaed daughter with severe bed hair as she headed downstairs towards the toaster, Rebecca closed the bathroom door behind her and slipped the lock across the door.

As ever, behind closed doors, her thoughts turned to him. She turned the shower on to hot and shrugging off her dressing gown, stepped into the fierce heat which made her flinch at it’s severity. She turned the heat down to bearable and let her mind coarse with thoughts of him until they threatened to overwhelm her and release the tears she kept locked so tightly inside her.