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He attracted her like a magnet pulled at iron filings.  He was like a cool refreshing breeze she was unable to resist.  Later, once they had explored the edges of their mutual attraction and given way to the expression of their feelings, other elements became key. It was new, this feeling of emotion, it swept her away, it was exciting and dangerous. That was the appeal, that and the heat, the spark of lust that flared between them. That and the fact that when they were together there were none of the pulls of reality that they endured with their partners. No pressure, no worries, just escape. The door closed behind them and the rest of the world ceased to exist, just him and the madly bubbling desire she felt for him. The understanding that all her needs would be explored, all her fantasies could be made real by the passion she felt for this man.

Yes, the escape, the adventure. She was helpless to avoid it and like an addict she kept going back for more.

She rested her forehead against the chill of the tiles, the water pounded relentlessly against her shoulders.  Slamming the door on her thoughts she dragged her mind to Robert. Undoubtedly, she loved him. Undoubtedly. He was a fine man, he loved her in his way, always there for her, wanting what was best. They had so much in common still. Common goals, a way of life, this was the man she knew she would spend the rest of her life with. For better or for worse… and yet with her behaviour she was risking all.  She slammed her palm into the wall in sheer frustration and swore under her breath.

“Mum?! You okay?” Tom had somehow made it out of his pit on his own. The rarity of the occasion startled her into regaining a grip.

“Yes, I’m fine Tom, just getting out.”

“Good!” his voice was tinged with desperation.  “I’m busting!”