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The car door slammed after calls of goodbye, she watched them greet their friends and be submerged in the mass of uniformed bodies. Engaging her brain and the gears she pulled back into the stream of traffic. The silence bit her once more as her mind revisited the turmoil of solitude.

She drove silently, emotion building in her chest, tears brimming in her eyes. She had reached the point of no return. Once love is involved everything else is less. For Rebecca, it was just a case of balancing the love and letting her life fall where it may. Living with the constant feeling of guilt, desire, wanting always to be somewhere she could not be was slowly killing her from the inside.

She knew the choice she had to make and yet it was so tough to make it.

Pulling up outside her work she checked her face in the mirror and adjusting her face into the mask of normality she wore so heavily, she got out of the car to get through another day.