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The afternoon was still, nothing stirred.

Rebecca felt her tears fall, splashing her fingers as they hit the keys on her computer. She hated the words she wrote, goodbye was never easy, she knew every key strike would strike cold dread into his heart. This, sadly, was what she had to do.

Her thoughts raged, how did she ever find herself in this situation. In the position of causing another so much pain. It was untenable. She hated the words, she hated herself.  Her tears fell harder, angrier on the back of her hands. With frustration she wiped her eyes, salty tears cascading over her fingers. She had said enough, done enough damage.

Of all the people she loved and who loved her, their love was wrong.   If only it could have just been the two of them, together against the world. But she knew life was not like that, it was an entangled web of complications and contradictions.

Now it was time to hide her devastated anguish from her world and concentrate on rebuilding the life she once chose to live.